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This is based on your particular engine design

Open the hood of your car, truck or sports utility vehicle and one of the most prominent items that you most likely will notice are spark plug wires and belts. No doubt about it. These simple parts are vital to your vehicle's operation. You auto's spark plug wires must be hooked up correctly to ensure that each spark plug "fires "in the correct order or sequence.

This is based on your particular engine design and varies from car to car, engine type and engine to engine type variety and model. Generally according to the diagram cylinders are numbered from the front to the rear of the engine, except for classic Jaguar models which interestingly enough are numbered differently - that is from rear to front.A four cylinder engine, which is the norm of most economy cars currently in 2010 - 2011, most often has a firing order of 1-3-4-2. That means that number one cylinder fires firstly, then number 3. Number four cylinder follows and finally to end it all number two. One major word of caution and automotive mechanical care.

This engine firing sequence is not carved in stone and varies per engine model and auto brand.Other types of engines may well have different firing orders and numbering schemes.Make it a 100 % mechanical auto mechanics rule - to fully check and verify before working on any automotive engine. Serious mechanical and even safety disasters can occur that are entirely preventable on your part with a simple check of the manual, a phone call or online search.It no doubt wise for diy do-it-yourselfer to change one spark plug or one spark plug wire at a time, to avoid mixing up the firing order.

Unfortunately if the engine is running badly due to this simple error in a standard 4 cylinder standard run of the mill firing order engine, this method faithfully often perpetuates this error. The shop manual or an online internet search will and should have a diagram showing your vehicle engine's numbering scheme and format. So play it cautious and safe. It never hurts to check or to ask a most qualified auto mechanic at your local garage or dealership or online at a trusted auto forum.

An engine that had the sparking plug wires installed in the wrong order may not run at all. If it does, it can produce the most spectacular backfiring almost convincing you or the auto owner no doubt that this vehicle need major engine repair, upgrading or even replacement. If you do suspect that this is the problem at hand, be sure that you have correctly identified your engine type, and then consult the diagram or diagrams. On some older model Others Connectors engines that have the older type of ignition systems - that is complete with distributor cap and points- the distributor may have been removed and then carelessly replaced in a wrong position.

In this case of a wrongly placed distributor cap in an older pre-electronic ignition automotive electrical system it is best to have an automotive professional mechanic correctly position the distributor.It can be said that anything that you can learn and comprehend about the basics of your vehicle's mechanical and have as simple working understand of the electronic components under the hood, that any time spent understanding these basic essentials can pay you great dividends and rewards either as a motorist or as an auto owner time., resulting in savings of money and the costs involved when it comes to mechanical breakdowns and auto repairs.

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